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  1. Web Push Notification for K2 component is developed to collect subscribers from front-end, sending push notifications from Joomla Back-end through K2 Component .

    You can send push notifications easily, with a user friendly interface.

    You can schedule your push notifications and automatically send in a future date with this great component!

    ⭐ Convert Visitors to Subscribers!

    There is a plugin to show a prompt message at your site's front-end. This plugin will help you collection subscribers

    ⭐ Send Web Push Notifications via Component Back-end

    After completing the initial setup, you will be able to send web push notifications to your subscribers with Web Push Auto component

    ⭐ Scheduled Messages

    You can create unlimited messages and schedule the messages to a future date. Your message will be sent automatically when the date is arrived.

    ⭐ Automatically send messages when article is saved

    Content Plugin will enable you to send push notifications when you save a content article. You can send immediately or you can schedule your push notification

    ⭐ Editor Button to Send Notifications

    If you want, you can disable auto sending plugin and send by using Send Notification Button..

    ⭐ View Past Messages

    You can view a list of all messages sent and the scheduled.

    ⭐ Message Performance

    View performance of a message, number of successful, failed, remaining and clicked messages.

    ⭐ Multiple Apps

    You can manage multiple apps from one single component.

    ⭐ Subscriber Stats

    You can view the total number of all subscribers and total number of message-able subscribers

    ⭐ Subscribers Export

    You can download / export subscribers via component back-end as a .csv file

    ⭐ What will you get?

    You will get a Component and a set of Plugins together with an Installation & Set Up Guide ( PDF Format ).

    Below Extensions are in the Package :

    Component - Web Push Auto Manage Push Notifications, Apps, Users, Schedule Push Notifications, Send Push Notifications

    Plugin - System - Web Push Subscriber for collecting subscribers. showing prompt message and welcome notification

    Plugin - K2- Web Push Auto for sending push notifications automatically when you save a K2 Item.

    **Plugin - Editor-xtd - Button - Web Push Auto for K2 ** creates Send Push Notification button in K2 Item Editor. You can click button and send push notifications for each individual content.

    Plugin - Content - Web Push Auto for sending push notifications automatically when you save a Joomla Article.

    Plugin - Editor-xtd - Button - Web Push Auto creates Send Push Notification button in Article Editor. You can click button and send push notifications for each individual content.

    In the same time Component has a Support section which you can find the answers for setup and installation.

    You can see the screenshots on the demo page.

    Push Notification Services are powered by OneSignal. OneSignal is a trusted push notifications platform. TRUSTED BY 309,360 DEVELOPERS INCLUDING.
    OneSignal Services are 100% Free. That means you will not pay for sending push notifications. Web Push Notifications Auto is developed by Extension Base to send immediate and scheduled push notifications by using OneSignal Services.
    Web Push Notifications Auto gives you ability to use OneSignal Web Push Services on your Joomla site without any core hack!
  2. DgnixPvt Review module acts as an interface of PIVOTREV.com a central point of review and rating system of real consumers with a new way of product reviews to find out what real users are saying about your product.

    • Multilingual Supports
    • Online central point review system
    • Auto calculates AggregateRating based on ReviewCount and Rating
    • Displays reviewer’s name, location, photo etc.
    • Supports multilingual.
    • Ability for users to submit testimonial using their social networking users
    • Integration with Social Networks. The ability for the user to submit review from front-end as a Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin user by login with their Social Networking accounts.
    • Supports auto-publish and moderate testimonial submissions.
    • Supports Re-Captcha for review submission to prevent spam.
    • Email notifications on new review submission
  3. While most online shops are naturally available 24/7, this is not practicable for others where vacations or opening hours may require to restrict the shop functions. In some cases you may only wish to inform your customers (e.g. about a longer processing time), whereas in other cases you may want to deactivate orders.

    This plug-in supports you in modelling closing times in your shop.


    • display of a textural information during closing times
    • display of an image during closing times
    • deactivation of the add-to-cart button during closing times
    • specification of a one-time, continuous period of absence (e.g. vacation)
    • specification of recurring closing times on certain weekdays

    Supported languages: English, German

    System requirements: Joomla 3, Virtuemart 3.x

  4. The Gallery Field adds an additional field type to your SobiPro component.
    It allows to add an image gallery to the entries or categories within the directory. The image gallery is optimized to work on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers.

    Features list:
    - Optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop computers
    - Easy parallel (up to 20) image uploading via drag and drop
    - Prominent image selectable for the listing view (vCard and details view separately)
    - Download images from gallery possible
    - Share image on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest available)
    - Exif data display (list expandable) within the gallery view
    - GPS data display with link to Google Maps
    - Support of microdata (schema.org; ImageObject)

  5. Add accessible keyboard navigation to a page, easily. Entirely configurable.
    Additionally emphasizes the keys, and builds a legend / list.

    The emphasised letters are hotkeys for quick accessible keyboard navigation.
    The free version shows a copyright notice in the popup, see screenshot. If you don't use the legend feature, then no notice is shown.

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