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  1. JoomContact is a powerful component for Joomla 3.5 and later for creating individual forms on your website.

    The following features are in the actual version included:

    • Create form fields by your own without any programming knowledge
    • Choose from different field types e.g. textfields (text, date with calendar, number, url), checkboxes, dropdown, textarea (with or without editor), attachments and radio buttons
    • Grouping form fields
    • Create individual responses to sender and receiver and different responses for each form
    • Insert more than one form for a single page
    • Create dependencies between form fields, e.g. if you select radio button 1 some new fields appears dynamically
  2. This plugin is a Custom Field plugin that can be used to enhance Joomlas contact forms. It is similar to the custom field type checkboxes, but allows to put a link to a
    Joomla! menu item inside the text of a checkbox.

    This can be useful if you would like to show a checkbox to agree to your terms and provide a direct link to the terms as well.

    System requirements: Joomla! 3.7 (or later)

    Supported languages: german, english

  3. Protect the links used for downloading files like zip, pdf, mp3, csv, jpg etc. The protected links work only to the users who click them through your website. The real link of the file to be downloaded is hidden by a random link that is unique per user and visit.

    The Download Link Protection plugin provides a very simple but practical way to hide the real URLs for files from being displayed and accessed directly. The real URLs are replaced with incomprehensible URLs that do not reveal anything about the file to be downloaded. So the user will never find the real URL of the downloaded file.

    The operation of the protected links is limited only to the users that can click to them through the website. The protected links don't work outside the website. If a person give the protected URL (through an email or forum or anything else) to another person, the link will not work. Furthermore the protected URL will work only as long as the session of the first person is alive. After the person has left the website, the protected links stop to work. He has to visit the website again and click to a new protected link that will download the same file again.

    The protected URLs are consisted of the URL to the homepage of the website and a random number as parameter. If the protected URL is accessed by a person outside the website, then he ends up to the homepage of the website.

    What this plugin can do:

    • Hides the real URLs for files with protected URLs.
    • Does not reveal the real URL of the downloaded file in any way.
    • Limits the protected URLs to be working only for the person who is able to click to them through the website.
    • Does not allow the protected URLs to work anywhere else outside the website.
    • Creates different protected URLS for each user and in different visits of the same user.
    • Displays a special message if the file does not exist.
  4. JD PopX - Best Popup Joomla Extensions To Capture Emails

    An awesome and user-friendly Joomla extension which helps you get leads effectively without any complexity. Now convert your one time visitors into permanent loyal customers. A range of features in this extension makes it irresistible to all marketers, bloggers, lead generators and growth hackers.

    • Acymailing compatible
    • Fully responsive layouts
    • Multiple Optin types
    • Playful and bold designs.
    • Appealing design templates
    • Timed emergence
    • Easy to customize
    • Include unique effects

    Top 4 reasons why you should love JD PopX

    • list text hereFreedom of opting the best Optin type.
    • Pick your most preferred template design.
    • Customize the template as you like it.
    • Include unique effects in your optin.

    Pick from 4 different optin styles.

    • Full-screen Optin
    • Small sidebar Optin
    • Bar Optin
    • Lightbox Optin
  5. Joomla Virtuemart Web To Print - Joomla Virtuemart Web To Print provides a unique feature to your Virtuemart store by which a shopper can customize and redesign the product from the storefront. This Web to print solution is the ideal product for those merchants mainly in online print industry and provide custom design option to their buyers on a various range of items like T-shirt, Cap, coffee mug, photo frames etc.

    - Provides a very smooth customization editor.
    - Fully customizable customization editor.
    - An option to allow for customization requests is given.
    - Option to allow for customization orders.
    - Option to choose from very popular Google fonts for customization.
    - Provides you with a zip for all customization images.
    - Functionality to customize multiple sides of a product.
    - Functionality for template creation for admin.
    - Full details regarding customization available for the admin.
    - Download option available for shopper and admin of customized products.

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Free Joomla extensions - Modules and Templates
Free Joomla extensions - Modules and Templates
Free Joomla extensions - Modules and Templates